Where can acne suffers turn for quick results? Some people do not like the side effects of oral prescriptions and topical prescriptions or the amount of time some treatments take to start showing results. Others are reluctant to try acne laser treatments or other expensive procedures. A new company called Tyrell is attempting to solve this problem with their Zeno Acne Treatment. Tyrell has been renowed for their research in the treatment and elimination of acne. They are the masters of home-based medical technology which allows everyday consumers to utilize their findings. The Tyrell Company has developed the Zeno acne solution for all acne sufferers looking for instant results and less side effects – called the Zeno zapper.

What exactly is Zeno? The Zeno acne treatment is a cutting edge treatment that utilizes a hand-held portable medical device which the average consumer can purchase and use in the comfort of their home. It is designed with a reset heated tip. The tip is biocompatible and made for direct contact with a blemish on the skin. The tip transfers heat in the follicle with an internal PID chip, which monitors the range. It adapts to an individual’s skin type. The Zeno Zapper and Zeno acne treatment solutions are available in the USA and Europe. Approved by the FDA, the Zeno is a legitimate solution for treating acne. The Zeno solution runs on batteries and contains a microprocessor that can regulate treatment length and give the user instant feedback. If the product works for you, you can obtain near perfect skin in two days. The devices pinpointed heat destrosy the bacteria which causes acne.

The Zeno acne treatment solution can even improve the appearance of your skin within six hours of usage.  The swelling and redness of inflamed skin instantly fades after acne treatment with Zeno. The skin naturally returns to its smooth healthy state aftert. This is a good example of cutting edge technology, distributed to the masses. Not only do the majority of blemishes disappear quickly and painlessly, the Zeno solution for acne is very easy to use and much less expensive than other new acne treatments. As metnioned, the Zeno Zapper device stimulates bacteria that causes acne with heat, making the bacteria self-destruct. The Zeno Zapper has no side effects, unlike many topical or antibiotic medications (such as retinoids) which can cause a number of side effects. In addition, the Zeno device can safely be used with other acne treatments. Zeno is considered the most effective solution for eliminating acne to date. Zeno acne treatment is moderately priced from the $185 to $200 range.