Ultraclear Extreme Acne Cream is a cream that has a high concentration of its active ingredients as salicylic acid and biosulphur acid. It is based on the lower power cream but is more concentrated and works harder to fight acne. After using this product for a few days you will notice that there are fewer sports and less acne on your face. You will feel much cleaner and healthier and your skin will start to look vibrant again. This cream gets to work straight away and can be used throughout the day and also at night you apply it after washing your face thoroughly and then the active ingredients fight the acne throughout the day. This cream acts as a balancer and also prevents oil from forming on the face. This is extremely important because this is how dirt and free radicals get into the pores of the skin and start to form infectious spots and acne. Also this will help repair any scarring and damage that is done to the skin because it will act as a moisturiser as well.

The Manufacturer

Ultraclear Extreme Acne Cream is made by Ultraclear who are a UK based company that provides acne care in a range of different products. They have their own special formula in the UK and are fully regulated by the industry.

Why It Works Well

The reason why this product works so well is because it has a hirer concentration of active ingredients that help attack acne and spots. Customers simply wash their face with a normal face wash that they buy in a supermarket and then apply this cream to their face throughout the day and night. A lot of customers have given this five stars and have noticed that 80% of their acne has cleared up within four weeks. This products seems to be working extremely well with a lot of people and the fact that there are not very many known side-effects means that prolonged use is recommended.

Our verdict

Ultraclear provides two levels of power to the screen there is an entry-level and this which is that extreme version. If you have found that the normal version is not strong enough then switch to the extreme one and you will definitely notice a reduction in your acne. Once you have seen a good reduction in your acne problem and your skin has settled down you can move onto less powerful cream for use over a long period of time. We like this product very much and it is not overpriced for what it is and best of all most people have found that it actually works.