There are specific techniques that help to slow down the aging process. Most of them gravitate around the concepts of a quality diet and living a consistent healthy way of life.  Some don’t want to hear about the slower internal aspect of healthy skin maintenance. We would rather opt for some chemical or quick-fix. That is just our nature. But it is not operating in the truth. We need to pull our head out of the sand and observe the truth. Sorry ! No one has been able to effectively stop the natural aging continuum. But-there are things that we can do to help slow it down. It takes work and persistence and a will to change certain habits. There is no magical potion or fountain of youth. Here, however, are some common sense ways of looking younger and even healthier. Everyone can see improvement in their looks by following these common-sense suggestions.

1. Detoxify your body .

The concept of detoxification is to simply expel from your body of harmful toxins. Our body systems naturally help us with this if we cooperate , but every day we are exposed to an avalanche of chemical toxins from the atmosphere , food and environment . We even ***** our body by voluntarily taking in things hazardous to our health . Drinking clean water, observing regular fasts , and consuming  fruits and vegetables are ways to help detoxify your body .

2. Get proper sleep and rest .

 The requirements vary for each person. But, getting  6 to 8 hours of sleep and quality rest a day will help us have healthier skin. Growth hormones tend to work most effectively while we are sleeping or resting . These elements of our body work to rejuvenate old cells – even skin cells. Getting enough rest will allow our body to rejuvenate itself and  produce a fresher and younger skin.

3.Eating healthy food on a consistent basis will help us look younger .

 Eating fish is probably better than eating a large diet of red meat. Getting fiber through recommended daily amounts of fruits and vegetables is also important . Use common sense and cut down on “junk food.” Consume less caffeinated beverages and ated drinks .

4. Exercise regularly .

Regular exercise (of the right kind) increases our bone density and muscle which can make our body look many years younger. Proper aerobic exercise as well as certain weight lifting exercises are important .

5. Just Relax! .

Stress and worries can manifest themselves on our face. Learn to manage the tensions in your life and be at peace. Our face will reveal stress or peace.

6. Practice the power of positive thinking and action .

Negative thoughts tend toward a negative life which draws out negative results.  Practice positive thoughts . Do positive things . It will take determination but it will show on your countenance – your face.

7. Get regular medical and dental checkups .

Body maintenance costs but it could be less expensive than a costly repair later on in life . We should not want to neglect our automobile upkeep yet many neglect their medical and dental checkups . We only have one body for our life-time . Keeping our body in shape is important for long life and quality living . Neglect your one and only body and you will suffer in your senior years without much opportunity to reclaim it .

8. Learn to be happy in an active lifestyle .

Social interaction is critical as proven by the popularity of social networks like YouTube, Face Book, Twitter, and the millions of blogs on the internet . It has also been proven that a healthy and active social life can  lengthen one’s life, help stem memory loss , as well as make one appear younger. So, determine to be happy . Learn to wear a smile . You have a choice and it can change the way people see you.

9. Apply coverings that protect your skin .

There are all kinds of lotions that can be applied to the skin for both protection and to help restore the skin. This article is not about identifying them in specific. These can be homemade, over the counter, or doctor prescribed. Sunscreen protection is a good idea for practical reasons. Some famous Hollywood actresses practice using sunscreen as a daily routine whether they plan to be out in the direct rays or inside. Most all of us would benefit from this practice . In the last generation and the ones preceding it, there was not the consciousness or knowledge that we have today about the harmful effect of the sun on our skin. As a result, many from the previous generation journey through the winter of their life as senior citizens fighting skin cancers .