SkindID is a product range brought to you by Neutrogena. This is a personalized treatment that is designed for a particular skin type. A prospective customer would pick the product according to their skin make up and this is aimed at suitable treatment for the individual. Neutrogena dermatological experts have tested and studied all types of acne treatment and have found that tailoring it to different skin types gives a person better results. It is also tailored to someone’s particular acne breakout so if you have a severe condition than you would buy a stronger product. This is done through filling out an online questionnaire of about 20 questions to make sure that your skin condition is evaluated properly. You conduct this on their Internet site and then you would be recommended to products that suit you.

The Manufacturer

Neutrogena are a worldwide brand and have experience in all sectors of skincare. They have extensive research laboratories and are always coming up with new products to help with all types of skin conditions. They have been promoted by top skin specialists and celebrities who use their products and swear by them. What you get with this manufacturer and is a well-known brand with a quality product that is almost guaranteed to give good results.

Why it Works Well

The reason why this works so well is because it is tailored to the individual. Everyone has their own skin type and genetic make up which means that not all products are suited to them. Also not everyone has the same outbreak of acne as there are different types and levels to be considered. What SkindID aims to do is find a solution to the individual so that they can get a product that is based on their particular situation. By filling out the questionnaire you are recommended to a specific product range that is designed to work with your skin.

Our Verdict

SkindID isn’t just a marketing gimmick but actually does show some promising results. Although not everyone has had fantastic feedback is in general people have been happy with the results. If you have a particular kind of skin then sometimes using general products will not help and may even worsen the situation. This product has been designed to give these types of people and left her native to having to go to their doctors and getting powerful drugs to cure the problem.