Acne can be devasting. Severe acne can be very traumatic. Acne sufferers often experience feelings of shame and pain. Dealing with the rejection of others and cruel comments can alter your perception of who you are and your self-worth. A young person with teenage acne can become emotionally scarred. Severe acne is usually associated with negative self esteem creating an overwhelming sense of guilt. The problem is exacerbated when cysts start to form (cystic acne), especially in noticeable places. Acne sufferers blame themselves for having severe acne issures which hinders their confidence. Severe acne makes an individual feeling vulnerable and not worthy. Having pimples in the wrong spot and in a disfiguring way can cause much more than physical pain. It deeply effects your mental state as well. Everyone wants to look their best, but having a skin condition that prevents this can do major damage to an individual’s mental well-being. Severe acne comes with many issues that are more than ‘skin deep’.

Some people are denied job opportunities and advancements in their career because their face is plagued with severe acne.  Many people find it hard to date and find love when they have severe acne. Severe acne issues can decrease an individual’s quality of life. Most acne sufferers that have acne issues also suffer from deep emotional scars due to their skin condition. Dealing with severe acne, and its coresponding issues, is vital. There are many methods that can assist in helping people with issues revolving around severe acne. Therapy is always useful for people with severe acne issues. There are special psychologists that deal with the mind-body connection in severe acne. Since the skin is closely connected with the nervous system, emotional issues can make severe acne even worse, causing an acne complex. Unresolved issues dealing with image, sexual trauma, identity, parents, supressed anger, and repressed childhood memories can become a trigger.

Seeing a professional psychologist that specializes in mind-body connections can significantly aid in the healing of your severe acne issues. The support of family and friends is another great method in dealing with severe acne issues. Positive comments and support is vital for a healthier self-image. Regular exercise can help aid severe acne issues by increasing blood circulation and bringing more oxygen to the skin. The mental and emotional benefits of exercise makes it an excellent option. Getting the proper amount of sleep is also a method in treating severe acne issues. Sleep disorders and disruptions can make severe acne worse. Relaxation techniques which include breathing techniques, yoga, self-hypnosis, meditation, and de-stressing with relaxing music can all help combat severe acne issues and get you closer to being acne free.