PCA Skin Facial Wash For Oily Skin has a high level of AHAs which are important in tackling oily skin. This facial wash is particularly targeted for oily skin has it helped by exfoliating the problematic areas whilst also being friendly and gentle to your skin. It is great for balancing the hormone levels and oil production that your skin over produces in most acne cases. It is also fantastic for removing make up off the skin and cleansing deep within so it is an ideal product for women to use as well.

The Manufacturer

PCA Skin Facial Wash Fro Oily Skin is made by a company called PCA Skin. They are based in the United States and have their products for sale worldwide and in 60 countries. They are mainly based online and sell their products through reputable online retailers. They are constantly researching into curing acne and oily skin and have dermatology research centres around the world.

Why it Works Well

This product works well because it gets straight to the cause of acne and spots and that is oily skin. It is the oily skin that gives you all my own imbalances and also creates a breeding environment for bacteria which then infects the skin and causes acne. By clearing the skin deep into the pores and getting rid of free radicals and unwanted toxins by firstly cleansing the skin and also secondly balancing the oil production. Once the production of oil is balanced then the skin becomes healthier and fights bacteria in its natural way. This has been proven to tackle acne and spots whilst also relieving any redness and inflammation.

Our Verdict

We like this product because it directly targets oily skin production. It has those important AHAs in it and also agents that help revitalise your skin is well. We would recommend buying this product as it is directly targeted at people with oily skin also for women who wear make up then this is ideal because it means you can clean your skin with one product. This can be bought online at a reasonable price and the reviews on the Internet have mostly been positive. So we recommend this product for anyone who suffers from really oily skin and also for any women who want a make up remover and acne cleanser all in one.