Natural acne treatments may include herbs, a plant part or even a chemical. Natural acne treatment may refer to a substance that is applied to the skin or ingested. The effectiveness of natural acne treatment can often be enhanced by an acne patient’s willingness to pay attention to specific diet tips. Natural acne treatments are also excellent for acne prevention routines. Natural acne treatment often works in a manner that a harsh soap can not. The ideal acne treatment with a natural ingredient relies on thecharacteristic of that ingredient, usually the acidic or basic nature of that ingredient. If a substance containing a light acid, such as lemon juice, is applied to the skin for long enough, the acid can kill the bacteria in and on the skin. The destruction of bacteria in the skin facilitates the control of acne.

A person with acne can look for natural acne treatments in the home or in a location that specializes in natural treatments. Some stores carry natural acne treatments on the shelf. Other natural acne treatments can be found online. A product with azelaic acid may well qualify as a natural acne remedy. Azelaic acid is a substance that can normally be found in the skin. By using a product with azelaic acid, an acne patient can reduce the number of P. acnes in his or her skin. By using a product with azelaic acid, a patient with acne can limit the number of skin cells available to clog skin pores. The ingredient in the product supplement what is already in the skin. As mentioned above, any acne treatment can promise better results if used in combination with a proper diet. Some foods are best recognized to help with acne control.

The term “best-recognized” refers to recognition by health professionals. A ‘best recognized’ diet can include chocolate and potato chips as, contrary to popular belief, these products do not encourage the occurrence of acne. As long as diet remains rich in Vitamin A, one can control the appearance of acne pimples on the skin. Vitamin A, also known as retinoic acid, is an antioxidant. It plays a part in the biochemical actions used to form epithelial cells. Skin tissue contains epithelial cells. A diet rich in Vitamin A thus gives the patient with acne a resource for the creation of new skin cells, helping the skin rejuvenate it self quicker. Although these natural diet treatments are helpful, they cannot be the only means for curing acne. As mentioned, when proper diet is practiced along with proper cleansing, the results can be as close to a cure as is possible.