Dr. Howard Murad is a renowned dermatologist noted for his creation of the Murad Acne Treatment Complex. Dr. Murad determined that acne is not the root cause of breakouts but a sign of a skin condition. He concentrated on correcting the skin condition, instead of simply treating the breakouts like other acne cosmetics attempt to do. In his research, he created Murad Acne Complex, a skin product that can soothe the visible signs of redness, irritation, and bumps caused by Rosacea, Eczema, and Folliculitis skin conditions. The Murad skin care line, especially the acne treatment complex, is one of the best selling product lines designed to improve skin health. People all over the world claim Dr. Murad’s acne treatment complex delivers results and really works for most skin types.

Murad acne treatment is comparable to the ProActiv acne solution. There are many skin care product lines that have a combination of three products (cleanser, exfoliating gel, and a lotion) and promise to give visible results, but few seem to be as effective as Murad Acne Complex. Murad Acne Complex acne treatment contains the best pharmaceutical grade ingredients which gives your skin the vital hydration it needs to look flawlessly smooth and clear. The Murad Acne Complex contains salicylic acid as a main ingredient. 90% of Murad Acne Complex users have seen a significant reduction in acne breakouts over only a four week period. It can change the life of someone who has battled acne most of their life. Murad Acne Complex is a gentle and very effective everyday skin care product for maintaining clear skin.

Murad acne medication is famous for giving people fast results. This product is perfect for people with sensitive skin who are often unable to use other acne products due to their harsh ingredients. The clarifying cleanser in Murad Acne Complex, unlike other acne cleansers, will eliminate 99% of surface bacteria. The exfoliating acne treatment gel in Murad Acne Complex aids in the healing of blemishes and prevents further breakouts with a gentle exfoliation of dead cells in a patented formula. The skin perfecting lotion in the Murad Acne Complex, unlike other acne treatment lotions, is an extremely light moisturizing acne treatment formula which delivers quality hydration to completely soothe your skin. The Murad Acne Complex includes clarifying masks and acne spot treatment.