It is important to keep your makeup on. Period. While you could waste hours reading reviews for every product you use, makeup primer is a shortcut. We have an entire Milk Makeup Hydro Grip Fam just for this purpose. This step is a must-have for flawless makeup. You don’t have to worry about foundation clogging, lipstick smudging or eyeshadows creasing.

Milk Hydro Grip Primer

It does exactly what it says: Makeup primer primes your skin before applying makeup. This makes your makeup last longer, easier to apply, and smoother. Some primers can be used all over the face, but there are specific primers for your eyes or lips.

Sara Wren is our Global Director for Artistry. “Primer’s like an insurance for your skin,” she says. People complain that their makeup doesn’t last enough, or their skin texture makes it difficult to apply. Face primers are great for solving both these problems.

What Milk Makeup Hydro Grip priming products should I use?

Milk Makeup offers a range of setting and priming products. Hydro Grip Primer is our best primer, Hydro Grip Eye Primer is our best eyeshadow primer, and Hydro Grip Set + Reveal Spray is our best makeup setting spray. Hydro Grip Fam formulas moisturize your skin and hold your makeup in place for as long as 12 hours.

Our Beauty Award winner is the Allure beauty award-winning Hydro Grip Primer, a clear gel primer that holds makeup in place and locks in moisture. Blue agave extract and hyaluronic acids form an invisible layer to keep your makeup safe. Aloe vera extract, niacinamide and niacinamide provide moisture for a soft, silky finish. This makeup grip is not for the faint of heart. It’s not just us who are excited about the new makeup primer. Our face primer is tagged with more than 12,000,000 tags on TikTok by the entire Hydro Grip Fam. It has wear testing that shows it can withstand even the most stressful days. It can be used as a base layer for all your skincare products or an additional hydrating cream layer. It is suitable for all skin types, including normal to dry and sensitive skin.

Hydro Grip Primer can be used all over, but Hydro Grip Eye Primer was specifically created to prep your eyes and lids. It can apply concealer, liners and shadows in small areas. The doe-foot applicator makes it easy to place a layer of the primer on the eye area. Sara likes to dab on her lips to prepare them for color or gloss.

Although the Hydro Fam’s final product is not a primer, it can be considered a face primer’s best friend. Hydro Grip setting spray acts like a topcoat for your makeup look. It locks everything in from the top while primer grips it from below. It works the same way as our primers but also offers hydration and skin benefits to keep your complexion radiant. It can be used after your entire face has been cleansed.

How to use Makeup Primer?

Sara says that primers are best used right after your skincare routine. Primers that contain skincare ingredients are my favorite. I consider them my final step in skincare and preparing skin for makeup.

Apply 1-2 pumps of Hydro Grip Primer to your face after your skin has been cleansed. Blend with your fingers. Sara says that a small amount of primer can make a big difference. “Makeup is about creating thin layers of makeup that blend seamlessly together.” Too much primer can lead to a serious look or cause your makeup to become cakey. After applying the primer, allow it to dry completely before applying your makeup.

Hydro Grip Eye Primer follows the same steps:

  • Apply thin layers of Hydro Grip Eye Primer.
  • Let it activate for one minute.
  • Apply makeup. 

It’s as easy as that. The result? The Hydro Grip Primer review from Dimel R. is a great example: “I was on vacation in Mexico and needed a primer to withstand the sweat that would inevitably fall down my face throughout my trip. This primer kept my face intact all day and night. It also held my mug steady after a long swim in the ocean, nine tequila shots, a rain shower, and a drunken cry. This primer is essential, girl.