Medisana Medibeam Acne Light Therapy is a treatment that uses light in a handheld device and is extremely easy to use. What it utilises is red light therapy and it increases the cell metabolism and also the regeneration. Red light has been proven to treat acne and is a good and safe way of controlling the problem. What it does is helps your natural healing process start and can reduce redness and also soreness in the skin.

It works on the same basis as staying in the sun for long periods of time, as this has been proven to reduce the amount of acne in skin. But what’s the red light does is balances the oil in the skin and it is safer than the sun’s rays because it is controlled. This handheld device is mains powered and has a timer on it so that you do not over do any areas of your skin. It is great for relieving mild to moderate acne problems and keeping them under control. There are no side effects has no synthetic chemicals or drugs have been used in the creation of this product.

The Manufacturer

Medisana are a producer of electronic products that are designed by acne. You will find that they are priced in the lower brackets compared to competitors but still come with the same guarantees. This company is mainly based online and you can buy most of their products through designated online retailers.

Why it Works Well

The reason why this works well is because it uses red light treatments this has been scientifically proven to help acne and any skin blemishes. A lot of hospitals and skin treatment centres use this on a higher level as their apparatus is a little bit more powerful than this one. But as a home kit this is ideal for getting rid of small patches of acne breakouts and can leave your skin feeling healthy and looking good.

Our Verdict

We like this product mainly because it is cheaper then other lights acne treatments that are on the market today. But there are better ones out there that also use blue light as well as a healing agent and we have found that these are a little bit more effective. But if you only have small acne breakouts and do not want to use any drugs or creams then this is a fantastic way of you controlling the problem.