Could the decision by the FDA to allow sale of cloned meat and meat products help with creating a ure for acne? Should the citizens of the United States expect to have access to products that could limit the occurrence of acne flare-ups? Would milk from cloned animals have the ability to diminish sebum production (as does the ingestion of retinoids)? To date, there is no cure for acne, only several treatments for acne. Below investigates some possible cure methods in the scientific forefront. When an acne patient uses an acne treatment containing retinoids, he or she cannot produce sebum. The retinoids interfere with the transmissions of DNA in the skin cells. This interference decreases the ability of skin cells to produce sebum. Skin with a low level of sebum is less likely to harbor acne-causing bacteria.

So how do these facts relate to the sale of cloned meat? How could cloned meat offer a cure for acne? Could products from cloned animals offer the same benefits as the ingestion of retinoids? A product from a cloned animal (such as milk) can be used to put a protein in the body. A product from a cloned animal cannot be used to remove a protein from the body. At the present time, researchers have not provided cloning specialists with enough information for the creation of a cloned animal with the ability to offer a cure for acne. Still, the hope is, researchers will continue to learn more about the factors that stimulate the production of sebum in hopes that there some protein that plays a role in turning off natural sebum production. If found, there may one day be a cloned animal that could offer a cure for acne. The milk from a cloned animal may be altered to contain a protein that holds down the production of sebum.

Such a radically new type of acne treatment would be a true blessing to some patients. Some acne patients cannot use a product that contains retinoids. Patients with diabetes, asthma or heart disease, for example, should not use retinoids. Some who object to the sale of cloned meat may not want to use any product from a cloned animal. Yet for a number of years, cloned microorganisms have been used to make various types of medications. At the same time, medical researchers have found new ways to grow organs in the lab. The skin is an organ. Could acne free skin be made in the laboratory? Could such skin be used as a sort of cure for acne? Only time and research will tell for sure. As it stands, those who can take retinoids claim that retimoids are very close to a cure for acne, and researchers never tire from the search for the best treatment for acne.