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Acne Cream

Murad Acne Treatment

Dr. Howard Murad is a renowned dermatologist noted for his creation of the Murad Acne Treatment Complex. Dr. Murad determined that acne is not the root cause of breakouts but a sign of a skin condition. He concentrated on correcting the skin condition, instead of simply treating the breakouts like other acne cosmetics attempt to …

Acne Cream

SkinID By Neutrogena

SkindID is a product range brought to you by Neutrogena. This is a personalized treatment that is designed for a particular skin type. A prospective customer would pick the product according to their skin make up and this is aimed at suitable treatment for the individual. Neutrogena dermatological experts have tested and studied all types of …

Acne Cream

Murad Acne Complex

Acne skin care sometimes focuses on the elimination of the skin’s excess oils. Yet that focus should not lead to the use of harsh soaps or soaps that are applied with a rough surface. Acne on the face can best be prevented by washing with a mild soap both morning and evening. An added washing …

Acne Cream

Ultraclear Extreme Acne Cream

Ultraclear Extreme Acne Cream is a cream that has a high concentration of its active ingredients as salicylic acid and biosulphur acid. It is based on the lower power cream but is more concentrated and works harder to fight acne. After using this product for a few days you will notice that there are fewer sports …