Herbal neem is a natural product that has active ingredients in it. It also has ingredients in it that help to remove excess oil and  bacteria from the skin. This face wash uses no soap and is completely natural with soothing agents and natural antiseptic cleansing ingredients in it. It is designed to soothe problematic areas where acne has broken out and also repair the skin whilst balancing the oil production and also the hormones.

The Manufacturer

Yahnaturals produces this herbal remedy to acne and also are responsible for a range of other natural skin healing agents. They are primarily based online and sell through their own website and also through other reputable internets retailers.

Why it Works Well

In the fight against acne customers have to use products for prolonged periods of time this leads to skin damage and also a wide range of side effects. What this product brings to the table is an all natural herbal ingredient that not only helps kill bacteria but also hacks is a soothing agent to help repair the skin and prevent any scarring. It is completely 100% free of soap and has additives in it that can control the oil levels in the skin. This could be the product that you are looking for as it is priced at the lower end of the scale at under five dollars a tube. This means that not only can he use as much of this product as you like but you can also afford to as well.

Our Verdict

There are not very many reviews this on this product as not many people have bought it yet. We are very sceptical at products that claim to have a new active mix of ingredients that can help fight acne problems. Everyone knows that natural ingredients like tea tree oil and aloe vera can help improve the skin condition but if you really do have a serious help break of acne then using a natural product is not going to be affective. If you suffer from very light acne or just a few spots then we would recommend giving this product try as it is so cheap. But always remember that sometimes with products at the lower end of the market means that not that much research and development has been carried out so you get what you pay for.