Babaria Teenage Skin Treatment is a three stage treatment against acne. This product brings you all you need in three steps to tackle your problem and make sure that your acne is under control and your skin is looking moisturised and healthy. Firstly you have that cleansing gel which is designed to get the down into the pores of the skin and clean out all of the toxins and dirt that lie in there. This will leave your skin feeling very clean and fresh and you will note the difference after you have washed your face.

Next there is a toner which is alcohol free and made with a number of different plant extracts including chamomile, and aloe vera. This acts as a drying agent to close up the pores of the skin whilst also drying up all of the spots. Lastly there is that moisturise which stops the skin from going dry and also helps with reducing redness and any imperfections that are as a result of their acne. This will also help fight any bacteria that is lying on the skin and also decrease the amount of oil that is produced.

The Manufacturer

Barbaria is an Internet-based company that offers a wide range of skin care products they not only specialise in just one treatment but also in that healthy and well being of our skin. They use a lot of natural products in their range and pride themselves on not having any side-effects.

Why it works well

The reason why this product works so well is because you give three stage treatment not only are you provided with a facial scrub that gets eat into the pores of your skin and cleaned it out. But you are also provided with an agent and that tries to your spots out and release it from any redness. But you also don’t find in a lot of three stage treatment is hate decent moisturiser but. Barbaria has included one in this package and it works extremely well and repairs the skin leaving it looking fresh and vibrant.

Our verdict

We think this product is fairly okay you get a three stage treatment which seems to work quite well and a lot of people have found that it has cleared up their acne. If you suffer from severe case of acne then this product will probably not do much for you it is designed really for people with mild to moderate acne and spots.