Anthony Logistics For Men is a fantastic facial wash is made from natural ingredients and the skin feeling clean and smooth after each wash. It has a unique blend of salicylic acids and other ingredients that help fight the bacteria that causes acne. What you get is a deep penetrating wash that gets rid of oily skin and all of the toxins that are collected in the pore of the skin. This means that after the first wash you will notice a difference in the way your skin feels. To combat any soreness from their cleansing materials there is also a chamomile that is an agent to cool the skin down and calm any spots. As an added ingredient there is also green tea extracts that help fight free radicals.

The Manufacturer

This product is made by Anthony and they are a company that specialises in all sorts of skin care products for men. They are an American-based company that has offices in Europe and Asia making them one of the most popular brands that you could buy on the Internet. Most of their products are Internet based and you can only buy through selected retail outlets that the brand chooses.

Why it works well

The reason why this product works well is because they have been a lot of research and development in it. This means that you find there is a very good blend of one of the right ingredients that act as a fantastic facial wash that doesn’t damage your skin. It is made out of natural products as well so you can use it as much as you like and you will not see any side-effects from you usage.

Our verdict

Anthony provide a large range of male skincare and grooming products. They cannot just supply a facial wash to get rid of your acne there is also a soothing palm and a moisturiser that can be bought as well. If you want to spend the money they have the whole kit for you so you can tackle your acne problem full on. We would recommend giving this product to try a citizen reasonably priced and they refuse on Internet has been strained positive about it. Most men who used its products found that they notice a difference in the way their skin felt. But if you do suffer from extremely severe acne then it is advised that you choose something stronger with possibly synthetic chemicals in it.