Murad Acne Complex is a treatment for acne that has been developed by a dermatologist called Howard Murad. What is this product claims to have is a combination of ingredients that do not include benzoyl peroxide. This is what is claimed to be the main difference between this treatment program and other ones. It comes in a three step system that includes a cleanser, a treatment gel, and a skin lotion. The combination of using all three products will give the user a good end result.

The cleanser get deep into the pores of the skin and cleans all of the toxins and bacteria that cause acne and blackheads. After that you put on the treatment gel which soothes the skin whilst continuing the fight against bacteria. This gives an extra layer of treatment and will make sure that your acne is being treated throughout the day. Lastly there is the perfecting lotion which helps soothes any redness or sores and also stops dry irritating skin.

The Manufacturer

Murad Acne Complex is made by a company called Murad they specialise in all sorts of skin treatment from acne to cellulite. They have extensive lavatories that are constantly looking to discover new techniques of treating skin and they have had many positive reviews on the Internet. Most of their products are only available online either through their website or designated retailers.

Why it Works Well

Murad Acne Complex is a fantastic alternative to anyone who has been using products containing benzyl peroxide. If you find that your skin doesn’t react well with benzyl peroxide then this solution could be the answer to your problems. You get a three phase care kit that ensures your skin is left healthy and safe in good looking condition. Many users have reported positive results within 30 days and have continued to use this product over a long period of time.

Our Verdict

Murad Acne Complex is not a miracle cure to acne and will only work with some people but this is also the case with a lot of these types of skin products. But you will find a lot of positive honest and unbiased reviews on this company is skin care range and also their acne fighting solutions. For this reason we would recommend this as a good alternative to benzyl peroxide and if anyone has had problems in the past then trying something different could be the answer to solving their acne.